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Creativity with Flowers: Traditional & Contemporary

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Old Windsor Flower Club



Special Notes

7.45pm: 1st Wed in month Subscription £32

Fee for Open Evenings
Members £3.00 Visitors £10

AGM is held on 3rd Wednesday in January
at The Day Centre, Old Windsor

Memorial Hall
Straight Road
Old Windsor
Visitors £4.50
No of members 78
Year Formed 1971


Eunice Stone 01753 862066


2017 Programme


Jan AGM at The Day Centre, Old Windsor
Wed 1 Feb Demonstration Stephanie Laing (BB&O) The F Flowers
Competition Frosty Days - A Landscape
Wed 1 Mar Demonstration Nadira Burkii (BB&O) Pashmina Fever
Competition It's a Wrap - Exhibit (to include a piece of fabric)
Wed 5 Apr Demonstration Susie Barwick (BB&O) Mud and Magic
Competition Spring Magic - An exhibit
Sat 8 Apr Fund Raiser - Quiz
Wed 3 May Demonstration Annette Parshotham (BB&O) Hollywood Meets Bollywood
Competition At the Movies - Exhibit (Film to be stated)
Wed 7 Jun Demonstration Carole Norman Second Hand Rose
Competition Everything's Coming Up Roses. Traditional (May Howells)
Wed 5 Jul Demonstration Hazel McGregor By Appointment to ...
Competition By Royal Appointment - An Exhibit
    Aug No meeting    
Wed 6 Sep Demonstration Julie Woods A Tantalising Cocktail
Competition A Wee Dram - Petite
Wed 4 Oct Open Evening Coral Gardiner (N) Nature's Autumn Pallette
Wed 1 Nov Demonstration Jane Belcher (BB& O) Intermingled
Competition "Twists and Turns" - Contemporary
Sat 18 Nov Fund Raiser - Quiz
Wed 6 Dec Demonstration Jennifer Thompson Christmas Treats
Competition Festive Fancies - To include a box

(N) denotes national demonstrator/speaker

Affiliated to NAFAS

NAFAS Registered Charity Number 1101348