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This section of the website is primarily for use by area and club officers. It provides downloadable NAFAS and area guidelines, processes and forms for effective management of clubs.
Notes for printing:
* Downloadable NAFAS documents which should be printed 2 pages per sheet and folded to form an A5 booklet.
** Downloadable NAFAS documents which should be printed double-sided, or single sheets placed back-to-back, and folded to form an A4 3-fold leaflet.

How your club can help the area and NAFAS

Our parent organisation NAFAS has its headquarters in Devonshire Square, London. Area officers and representatives whose voluntarily work keeps the organisation going frequently need to attend meetings. This centrally site located provides convenient access for all 21 areas. It has several meeting rooms and bedrooms which are used whenever possible resulting in significant savings on room and bedroom accommodation. However repair and maintenance work on this listed building is ongoing and has to be in keeping with its status. Currently some redecoration and re-carpeting is required.

NAFAS is a charity so if/when your club organises fundraising activities for charity it would be helpful if just £20 of your charitable donation were to go to NAFAS. Just send a covering letter and cheque made out to NAFAS to:
Paul Bonter, NAFAS, Osborne House 12 Devonshire Square, London, EC2M 4TE

Remember - without NAFAS, its volunteer staff and all the demonstrators, teachers, speakers and judges your club would probably not exist.

As defined in the  BB&O Constitution the area is managed by elected  Area Officers and Representatives.

Council Meetings

Council meetings held quarterly are run by Area Officers to review area news, finances, events and issues.  All members of BB&O are welcome to attend, but only one nominated representative from each club may vote.
Date Mon 7 Mar 2016
Mon 6 Jun 2016
Mon 5 Sep 2016
Fri 18 Nov 2016 (AGM)

Mon 6 Mar 2017
Mon 5 Jun 2017
Mon 4 Sep 2017
Fri 17 Nov 2017 (AGM)
Benson Parish Hall
Sunnyside, Benson, Oxon
OX10 6LZ

Club Officers Day

A Club Officers Day is held every 3-4 years to help those managing their clubs. The day is usually organised such that there are some presentations and some sub-group sessions for chairmen, secretaries, treasurers, programme secretaries, media officers etc. All clubs are encouraged to send as many of their officers as possible. It is an ideal opportunity to discuss and learn, especially in the current climate where it is often difficult to form a club committee.
A detailed programme will be arranged nearer the date.

Date Thu 16 Mar 2017 10.00-15.30
Benson Parish Hall
Sunnyside, Benson, Oxon
OX10 6LZ

General helpful files:
BB&O; Proforma Document with new NAFAS logo

NAFAS and BB&O logos in various formats:
NAFAS logo as PDF
NAFAS logo on BB&O; web background
NAFAS logo small
BB&O; logo on BB&O; web background
BB&O; logo on white background
BB&O; small logo B&W;

Club Chairmen

* Role of the Club Chairman
* Organising a Flower Club Part 1
* Organising a Flower Club Part 2
* Organising a Flower Club Part 3
** Code of Practice
NAFAS Extreme Weather Guidelines
Safety guidelines:
* Guidelines for Risk Management
Risk Assessment Form
H&S; Guidelines for NAFAS Events
Guidelines for Food & Hygiene
Catering at NAFAS Events
Lifting & Manual Handling
First Aid
Fire Safety
Fire Safety Risk Assessment
Club survival and expansion:
BB&O; Guidelines for Club Survival
BB&O Guidelines for Converting Visitors into Members
Membership Recruitment Drive
NAFAS New Member Letter
NAFAS History
Benefits of Membership
Club chairmen should also be aware of guidelines, forms and processes for other club officer roles.

Club Secretaries

* Club Secretary
* How to Write Minutes

Details of club officers are held on BB&O and NAFAS databases for administration purposes.  Secretaries are required to submit a 2015 Club Record Form whenever there are changes, and at least annually following their AGM.  They may be returned by post or via email to BB&O; Secretary

To make it easy for members of the public to communicate directly with clubs, email addresses and phone numbers are being made available on individual club pages. Nominated personal details should be sent by post or via email to BB&O; Secretary on the 2015 Club Record Form

Club secretaries should complete the 2015 Club Awards Form and return by post or email (by 16 Oct 2015) to BB&O; Secretary

Club Treasurers

* Club Treasurer
Club Financial Health Check

The 2016 Affiliation Letter/Form must be sent by the end of March by post, with a cheque, to Area Treasurer Helen Smith.
Affiliation fees payable by end March 2016 include:
NAFAS fee = £5.20 or 5p for juniors
BB&O fee = £3.40
Total fee: £8.60 (including honorary members)

2016 Charity Donations Form to be returned in October, by post or email to Helen Smith

Reference should be made to NAFAS Mileage Rates from June 2012 when paying judges, demonstrations, speakers and teachers. If the cost of fuel should fall below £131p per litre, NAFAS recommends that the HMRC approved rate of 45p per mile, is the minimum offered/claimed to/by presenters.

To apply for a lottery grant see
** Awards for All and
Supplement for Awards for All

Programme secretaries

*Guidelines for Programme Secretaries
** Code of Practice 2016

BLUE FORMS which form the basis of a contract between a club and a JDSE person should be requested from the BB&O; Secretary (Ànne Fearn - Tel 01865 862776 ) for collection at the next area council meeting. They will not normally be posted. These 3-part forms are not available electronically.

Full contact details for BB&O Judges, Demonstrators, Speakers and Teachers (Pink List) is emailed to nominated club email contacts twice a year, or can be requested from Jane Haas (Tel: 0118 984 1212). 

The list of National Judges, Demonstrators, Speakers and Teachers is posted to all club chairmen in alternate years, with a supplement in the intervening year. Extra copies can be obtained (price £1.50) from the BB&O Trading Officer Maureen Preston (Tel: 01488 685 491)

JDSE lists for other areas of NAFAS can be obtained by contacting the relevant area distributor. Details of these are printed in the back section of the National List.

Useful examples and letters for programme secretaries include:
Sample first letter to demonstrators
Sample final letter to demonstrators
Sample directions

In cases of dissatisfaction with a judge, demonstrator, speaker or teacher please refer to the BB&O; Complaints Procedure
Confidential feedback should be returned to Jane Haas, chairman of JDSE committee using the Demonstrator Assessment Form. Also use this form to provide positive feedback

See NAFAS Extreme Weather Guidelines for what to do if extreme weather conditions make a club meeting unviable at the last minute.

With increasing facilities available to everyone to publish photos on websites and social media it is important to obtain permission from demonstrators before making photos of their designs publicly available. See Media Permissions Form

Media/Publicity Officers

Try to find ways of publicising your club locally.

Send club programme to Carole McGuire (Tel: 01635 42414) for publication on club pages of this website.

Check club details are correct on this website and the NAFAS website.

Set your club up on facebook. Guidelines can be found in BB&O; Guidelines for clubs using facebook, Issue 3.
You could also set your club up on Pinterest. See Guidelines for clubs using Pinterest, Issue 2
These guidelines will be updated in the light of experience so please pass feedback to:
Shirley Sexton, Tel: 0118 941 2329 or
Anne Hyde
, Tel 01494 786770 or 07703 184268

With increasing facilities available to everyone to publish photos on websites and social media it is important to obtain permission from demonstrators before making photos of their designs publicly available. Liaise with the Programme Secretary to get demonstrators to complete a Media Permissions Form

See National Flower Arranging Day Fact Sheet

Flower Arranger Representatives

Guidelines for Club Flower Arranger Officers

Order forms can be downloaded from
2016 Flower Arranger Order Form
2016 Flower Arranger Order Form for Additional Copies

Last dates for order amendments are:
14 Dec 2015, 26 Feb 2016, 17 June 2016, 12 Sep 2016

Delivery to clubs for 2016 will be on or about:
26 January, 14 April, 2 August, 25 October

Two attempts will be made to deliver to Club Flower Arranger Reps.  To arrange an alternative delivery address for specific issues contact Sheila Williams  (Tel: 0118 940 3587)

Club Trading Officers

See  NAFAS Enterprises for details of NAFAS products. Orders should be sent with cheques to Maureen Preston using either:
BB&O; 2016 Trading Form (Excel Format) or
BB&O; 2016 Trading Form- Word Format
(Word Format most suitable for printing)

The BB&O trading officer purchases products in bulk from NAFAS for sale at area/club meetings and other events. If you would like a supply of any of these products, or a sample pack on a Sale or Return basis, or if you would like the area trading officer to bring a trading table to a club meeting you should contact: Maureen Preston (Tel: 01488 685 491)

BB&O Area Equipment

Equipment such as stands, bases, tables etc, is available for loan to BB&O clubs and members.  This equipment MUST be returned to the same place from which it was collected.  Some of it is heavy.  For further information please contact 
Margaret Lloyd
Valley Farm, Upper Pollicott
Ashendon, Aylesbury, Bucks

Telephone 01296 651213

Affiliated to NAFAS

NAFAS Registered Charity Number 1101348